Transform and Serve
Your Community With A
Job Readiness Program

Why Should Your Church Have One?

While job skills are incredibly important, they fail to address the deeper worldview questions, individual choices, systemic barriers, and relational complexities that people in generational poverty face when seeking to join and flourish in the workforce.

Challenges that keep people unemployed or underemployed:
  • ❌ Lack of skills
  • ❌ Past Incarceration
  • ❌ Poor Education
  • ❌ Transportation issues
  • ❌ Globalization
  • ...and more!
Without the right tools and community, it’s nearly impossible to overcome these obstacles.
How can your church add to its ministries and address the root causes of material poverty?
Host a Work Life job readiness class at your church. It will connect the unemployed and underemployed to your church and help you fulfill your vision for your community.
This initiative is already working in 300+ churches & non-profits nationwide:
Simply put, a job readiness program focuses on developing skills in job searching, interviewing, and keeping a new job. Work is ordained of God. It is the most effective way to provide for our material needs, but it also provides dignity, purpose, and tangible ways for us to contribute to our community. Yet among American churches, it is much more common to find ministries focused on food, clothing, housing, healthcare, etc.—often downstream symptoms of the lack of sustainable work—rather than on work itself.
63% of churches allocate funding to food.
Less than 2% of churches allocate funding to employment.

How Can Your Church Get Started?

Complete the free Intro to Work Life course

This free course will help you form your core team and make sure your church is ready to run this ministry successfully.

  • It will get your church familiar with the curriculum

  • Guide you in recruiting the right people to run this initiative in your church

  • Help you create a detailed ministry plan
Once you’ve completed the free, short, online Intro to Work Life course, simply contact Urban Outreach Foundation and we’ll schedule your church training sessions for those who lead this initiative in your community.