Serving Leader

Transform your team, church, and community

Unleash action that is relevant to your goals and needs.

  • Raise the Bar – Embed winning values and build a culture of performance.
  • Ethics and Decision Making – How Serving Leaders make great decisions.
  • Upend the Pyramid – Fix delegation and training issues once and for all.
  • Build on Strength – Know your people, position them well, and build strong teams.
  • Communication and Conflict – Accelerate understanding and channel tensions into results.
  • Run to Great Purpose – Give people roles worthy of their very best.
  • Blaze the Trail – Sharpen your team’s focus around value creation.


Ignite faith in youth and young adults

Spark saving faith by connecting trust in God, transparency in leadership, and the truth of the Gospel.

  • Learn how to awaken hearts.
  • Cultivate faith in youth and young adults.
  • Unlock a love for God and His Word.
  • Set young people on a life-long road of faith and fulfillment.


Empower youth with confidence and truth from God’s Word

Equip young people with courageous, truth-based, Bible-affirming answers to real-world questions and challenges.

  • Youth can handle God’s truth for their lives and represent themselves with Kingdom excellence.
  • Curiosity is a God-given sign of intelligence and should be nurtured in a truth-filled environment.
  • Help youth and families navigate the challenging areas of sexuality and identity with courage and confidence.

Raise your GPA

Help students win at school and life

Prepare students for an umlimited future! – Inspire youth to increase their academic performance and spiritual growth.

  • Developing a Kingdom mindset in young people.
  • Empower students to earn scholarships and explore career options.
  • Increase respect for parents and leaders.
  • Equip youth to minimize destructive behavior and empower youth to handle temptation.
  • Learn how to share the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’ of living a young godly life.

Reawakening – Church Revitalization

Redream, rebuild, restore your ministry

Equip your church to thrive and effectively serve your community.

  • Define and refine your church’s mission, vision and values.
  • Learn to analyze, plan, refine and launch ministry initiatives to revitalize your church.
  • Position your church to transform your community.


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