• 49 Lessons

    Dr. Lettsome

    Affectionately known as "Rev. Raquel," the Reverend Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D.has more than two decades of congregational ministry experience and extensive biblical and theological training. She knows how to integrate the highest levels of academic biblical scholarship, life-giving ministry practices, and the discernment of the Holy Spirit to equip and empower believers.
  • 5 Lessons

    THR!VE Pastor Cohort

    Take your ministry to the next level with the THR!VE Pastor Cohort curriculum. In this program, you'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to create a thriving ministry that empowers your community. From ecosystem development to faith-based policy work, this course covers all the essential topics to help you become a more effective pastor and leader. Join us and unlock your full potential today!

  • 6 Lessons

    UOF Jobs Program Training

    The UOF Jobs Program Training is a six-lesson course designed to help urban pastors and church leaders make a positive impact in their communities. Learn how to rally support, recruit volunteers, find participants, and identify partner organizations for your work-life program. Discover why churches should get involved in social issues and get inspired with words of encouragement for pastors seeking community solutions.
  • 7 Lessons

    UOF Youth Leader Certification Program

    Empower the Next Generation: Become a certified youth leader with our UOF Youth Leader Certification Program. With 40 comprehensive lessons, this program covers all the essential topics you need to effectively lead and empower youth. From mentoring and discipleship to effective communication and conflict resolution, you'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to make a meaningful impact in the lives of young people. Join us and become a certified youth leader today!  
  • 3 Lessons

    Wisdom-Based Business

    If you're looking to integrate your faith and your business, the Wisdom-Based Business course is for you. This program explores the intersection of business and ministry and teaches you how to lead and support business leaders with a wisdom-based approach. Through three lessons, you'll learn how to become a co-vocational leader, build a ministry that supports your business goals, and develop the skills you need to succeed in today's competitive business environment.
  • 8 Lessons

    Women In Leadership

    Are you a woman of faith looking to step into a leadership role? The Women in Leadership course is designed to help you define and build the confidence you need to succeed. Through seven modules, you'll explore the concepts of God's confidence and self-confidence, and learn strategies to overcome confidence busters and boost your confidence. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, this program is the perfect resource for women looking to make an impact in their communities.