Charting Your Leadership Journey

Your opportunity to experience the next step in your leadership journey!

This amazing course focuses on a journey of self-discovery about your own DNA, Core Values, Mission, and Life Purpose. It’s being used by adults deep into their careers and callings, but also by young adults who are just starting to sort themselves out. Successful leaders know the difference between planning and achieving, knowing, and doing.
Charting Your Leadership Journey will provide simple, deep, and effective tools and methodologies that put values-based leadership theory into practice to effectively resolve your key leadership challenges. This will help your church, team, organization, and community flourish. Continue your learning and growing experience with us!
You Will:
  • Understand the Serving Leader Compass as a leadership tool
  • Gain clarity on your personal values, mission, great purpose, and vision statement
  • Identify the sphere of influence to which you will initially focus the application of your course learnings
  • Gain awareness of the leadership applications that will enable you to put theory into action.

The Serving Leader Compass℠

This guiding tool is used to help you define and communicate WHO you are and WHERE your organization is going. It answers four fundamental questions:
  • Who are you?
  • How will you operate?
  • What will you accomplish?
  • Why do you exist?